Journals by Caufield

Alright, here’s something I’m excited about.  If you’re like me, you know that journaling is simple, yet big at the same time.  It’s a way of expressing feelings, getting clear on thoughts, having a relationship with your Inner Being, and a great tool to deliberately create the life of your dreams.  And since I’m big on all that crap, I decided to share with ya’ll some journals I created to help you do just that.  Enjoy!

-T .M.

P.S.  All journals are available on and other online retailers (go ahead, click the pics if you don’t believe me). And if you’re not just trying to fill your cart up with crap to meet the free shipping quota, you can go to and get 20% off by using code: PN65NDBU. (Must search for title in their search engine using scroll down menu option “store” opposed to “site.” )

I Woke Up Like This pic
Blessed pic
Smile and Wave pic
You Can Totally Sit With Us pic
Freedom Joy Growth pic

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