“AWOL” book by T.M. Caufield

AWOL Cover
Available at Amazon.com

Having been considered an “at-risk” youth once myself, I felt compelled to reach back and help those still struggling to find their way. If you know of any young person who’s gotten caught up in “The System,” and needs help finding their way out and onto a more productive life, please pass this book onto them.

AWOL: How to Escape the Juvenile Justice System and Experience Inner Peace can be found here at Amazon.com, and at other online book retailers.

Prefer Barnes & Noble/Nook? Get it here.

-TM 🙂

5 comments on ““AWOL” book by T.M. Caufield

  • Thank you for your wonderful book, Tasha! I received a copy and gave it to a student at our facility to critique and/or recommend to his peers. He couldn’t put it down, and was energized by your words! He has connected your ideas to his own situation and wants to lead a group based on your chapters. I am so grateful, as the arrival of your book came at a time when this remarkable young man needed something new and different to help him move forward. I ordered 6 books for our program, and one for myself. Please keep in touch! Your words are like gold to him!

  • Hey Tasha,
    I work at a Juvenile Court in Vancouver, WA. Great book and I have suggested it to several youth already. Working on getting more copies, despite the fact that you are infringing on our job security. JK. You have hit the nail on the head regarding so many important points.

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